Interested in Pawning an Item in Shawano, WI?

What is a pawn loan?

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A pawn is another name for a collateral loan. This is when money is lent in exchange for items of value, with the loan amount based on the item's value. The item is returned when the loan is paid off anything within the 30 day period, or can be surrendered as payment in full. So, in 30 days you get your item back once you pay off your interest and loan amount.

If you're not prepared to pick the item up you can come in and renew the note by paying only the interest.



Unable to pay your loan back on time?

If you're unable to pay back your pawn loan in full on its due date, you can get an extension. With an extension you are required to pay the interest owed. Our interest rate is 20%. Then you may extend the length of your pawn loan for as many days as allowed by state law. If you bring back the item earlier than the 30 days, it is pro-rated.

What types of items do we accept?

At Shawano Pawn Shop we accept a wide variety of items. Typically, here are items that we accept musical instruments: mixing boards, amps, microphones & accessories; sporting goods: knives, crossbows, compound bows, deer stands, cameras, binoculars, black powder, fishing equipment, trolling motors, boat motors, four wheelers, and snowmobiles; jewelry: watches, rings, necklaces, silver/gold, gemstones, and diamonds; coins: vintage, commemorative coins, proof sets, silver and gold coins; electronic/games: televisions, dvd, stereos, car/audio, cameras, computers/laptops, collectibles, antiques, household items and appliances, deer mounts, automotive tools & accessories, tool chests, air compressors, and more.

Why Choose Shawano Pawn Shop?

Shawano Pawn Shop is a locally owned an operated business in the community since 1998. They offer a large merchandise showroom, a 30-day guarantee of all sales and repair work and an interest-free layaway program. Shawano Pawn is trusted to give you a fair price for your valuable items.

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How Does the Pawn Process Work?

Here is the process for selling or pawning an item at Shawano Pawn Shop.